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Dr. Robb Clawson | LMFT

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

Robb has a gift for bringing people together and helping them feel comfortable enough to deal with and work on their toughest challenges. His gift for helping others lower their defenses and their resistance so they can experience real and lasting change is evident within minutes of meeting him. Clients who work with Robb appreciate his compassion and use of humor as he helps them strengthen themselves and their relationships, frequently commenting on how he makes challenging things feel so comfortable to do.

Robb especially enjoys marriage counseling and working with struggling teens. He enjoys speaking to groups on strengthening marriage and improving the parent-teen relationship. Robb has taught the Parenting and Child Guidance Class at BYU, has presented at BYU Education Week, and was the clinical director for a treatment center for struggling teens. Robb has been married for 13 years to the love of his life, has 6 amazing kids, and enjoys playing basketball and telling his kids elaborate and silly bedtime stories.


I help heal marriages, even those with a long history of conflict, disconnection, and hurt . . . and even couples trying to heal from such betrayals of trust as infidelity or pornography addictions.


Marriage Counseling

Robb is a master at teaching couples how to reconnect with each other and to again find their ability to work together to solve their problems. Couples who work with Robb experience the positive changes they are looking for and experience miraculous transformations they didn’t think were possible.

By the end of the first session couples experience an incredible surge of hope for their marriage, as they can sense Robb’s sincere belief in them and realize they can put their trust in him to help save their marriage. His genuine approach and patient teaching style makes the change process comfortable, even for those spouses who are reluctant to come to counseling. Robb’s non-threatening yet direct approach helps even the most stuck couples reignite their connection, intimacy, and passion again.


Adolescent Counseling

Teens trust Robb because he is genuine and straight forward with them and he uses humor and creativity to engage with them. This puts them at ease, they feel understood, and then Robb is able to figure out how to best help them. He appreciates the genuineness and creativity that teens respond with when they trust someone. Teens want what we all want – to feel valued and important – and they can’t help but feel that around Robb.

Robb developed a passion for helping struggling teens and their parents as he worked as the Clinical Director of a treatment center for struggling teens. A teen once told Robb, “You are a Mind Ninja! I keep trying to NOT share things with you . . . but then I find myself opening up a lot anyway because you just make it really easy to keep talking. I don’t worry you are going to judge me.” Yep – that’s Robb!


Parenting Help

Even the best of parents sometimes struggle to know the best approach to parent their child or teen through challenging times. I work with amazing parents who want the best for their child or teen but just need a bit of guidance and direction.

What has worked with your other kids may not work with your teen that is struggling. Let me help you.

I have successfully worked with struggling teens and overwhelmed parents from all over the country in my practice and as the Clinical Director of a residential treatment center for “troubled” youth. I will patiently help you learn the tools that will work with YOUR child or teen. Parenting can be fun and successful again!

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