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Tonja Kendrick | LMFT

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

Tonja enjoys her work with clients and helps them to feel relaxed and at ease in the counseling setting which can sometimes feel anxious for those who are new to the process. Her philosophy is that changes is possible and that we gain much from our experiences (both easy and difficult) that will help us learn and grow in ways that could not otherwise be possible.

Tonja helps others using a strength-based approach which her clients find incredibly helpful and empowering. Her knowledge base comes from a strong clinical training and over 25 years of experience. She enjoys the relationships she builds with clients in a practice setting as well as working with students as a faculty member at Utah Valley University. When not working with clients or students you will most likely find her on a tennis court or keeping connected with her husband and 3 adult children.


Call me for a free phone consultation and let’s talk about how I can help empower you in your relationships and in your life.


Marriage Counseling

By the time most couples call to make an appointment for counseling, they report that their relationship has been deteriorating for years. Why do people wait so long before seeking help? When trust is lost it is understandable that the feelings of vulnerability make it difficult to move forward. Some are fearful that the therapist will take sides. My goal is to create a safe environment where each person can express their feelings and experiences in such a way that they will feel heard and understood.

For those who are concerned that their partner won’t join them in therapy, I encourage you to start this process for yourself. As I work with each couple, I respectfully support and assist them in making deeper connections and peaceful resolutions. When you feel the time is right, feel free to call for a phone consultation or to make an appointment so we can get started on creating your “new normal”!


Individual Counseling

There is a story about a yogi who was approached by a man who complained that his life was horrible and that nothing seemed to go right for him. The wise yogi assured him that with time, this too shall pass. Some time passed and the man returned to thank the yogi and recounted to him the good fortune of life that had come his way just as the yogi had told him. The wise yogi smiled and assured him again, this too shall pass.

Sound familiar? This story certainly typifies the course life often takes. Even during circumstances that seem permanent, opportunities for growth can be found. Whether you are seeking change, support, or help through a difficult situation, I’d like to help! Feel free to give a call for a phone consultation or to set an appt. I look forward to meeting with you!


Women’s Issues

Do you find yourself wondering why everyone around you seems to have it all together (especially on social media!) while your life isn’t going quite the way you imagined it? Perhaps you have always been a little anxious and find yourself ruminating over past decisions or current situations. These pervasive feelings creep into many aspects of our lives and can be exhausting.

Whether you are working through a difficult challenge, hoping to recover from a painful past experience, or wanting to remember who you are outside of your different roles, I would like to help. I can assist you in discovering and building upon your existing strengths to find solutions and learn new skills to help improve your well-being.

Often the process of feeling better starts with doing one thing to move you in the right direction. Calling for an appointment can often help get you get a jump start. It is amazing how a burden can be eased by sharing it. Give a call for a free consultation or to make an appointment. I look forward to meeting with you!

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